HFCSD to Install Water Filtration System on Campus. March 11, 2016.

The school district is committed to ensuring that our water supply is safe and healthy for our students.
We continue testing our water monthly, working with Alpha Geoscience from Clifton Park. Today (3/11/16) we have announced that the Hoosick Falls Central School District is taking a proactive, preemptive action to protect the water on the school campus and will be installing a carbon filtration system at the end of March.

The school campus is not connected to the municipal water system and pumps water from wells located on campus. These wells are tested monthly, and testing continues to indicate that there is no detectable level of PFOA in the school water supply.

The installation of this filter is a preventative measure that the Hoosick Falls Central School District is taking. The safety of our students and staff is paramount. The installation of this filter system is in response to contamination being present in many private wells throughout the Town of Hoosick.

This filtration system is being funded by the State of New York, at no cost to the district. The system has been designed by Arcadis Design and Consultancy, a design firm for Infrastructure, Water, and Environment. The construction contract was awarded to Rozell Industries, Inc., who will do the installation of the filtration system.

Installation of the filter requires that the water be shut off in the building, and as a result, we will not be able to operate as normal. The Hoosick Falls Central School District will call two emergency closure days on Thursday, March 24th and Monday, March 28th.

The district has not used any snow days this year, so this provides flexibility in scheduling this work. Additionally, using days off in March fits better with educational goals and prevents as much disruption of the school schedule in May, when snow days are usually “given back”. This provides more classroom time for students to prepare for Regents exams.

These actions will insure we always have clean, healthy, safe drinking water for our students. We will continue to test the raw water going into the filter, as well as filtered water heading out of the filter into our school water system. This testing will be on a regular basis, and we will be transparent and swift in sharing those results.

Hoosick Falls CSD will be holding an open house at a later date for the public and media to review the system once it is operational.

Again, this is a preventative measure to keep our water supply safe. Testing continues to indicate that there is no detectable level of PFOA in the school water supply.

We are posting (below) our most recent test results which indicate that our school campus had no detected levels of PFOA in the samples from our campus drinking water supply.

The sample collected from our bus garage confirmed that PFOA was detected in the water consistent with the concentration that was previously reported by the NYSDOH. The accompanying lab report provides details about the testing method and results.

PLEASE NOTE: the test results posted below are for both the bus garage, which has a contaminated well and the school campus, which has no detected PFOA in the water. In the results the school campus is labeled as HS and the bus garage is labeled as BG.

You can view the most recent test results by clicking HERE.