HFCSD Water Test Results [UPDATED: MARCH 31, 2016]

The school district is committed to ensuring that our water supply is safe and healthy for our students.

Update: March 2016 Test Results can be viewed by clicking HERE.

There were no detections of PFOA in the sample identified as “Raw Well Water” in this report. This report is just for the school campus, and excludes the bus garage.

We are testing our water monthly and working with Alpha Geoscience from Clifton Park and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to design and install a preventive carbon filtration system so that our water will remain safe. We are posting our most recent test results which indicate that our school campus had no detected levels of PFOA in the samples from our campus drinking water supply.

The sample collected from our bus garage confirmed that PFOA was detected in the water consistent with the concentration that was previously reported by the NYSDOH. The accompanying lab report provides details about the testing method and results.