Transportation Department Water Tests Positive for PFOA. January 22, 2016.

As part of our ongoing water testing, we have included our transportation department water supply, and the test came back positive for PFOA. It is important to note that our transportation department has tested positive, NOT the school campus. The bus garage location is 1.2 miles from our main campus. Our water at the school is safe, and we continue to test our school campus water to ensure that we are providing a safe water supply to our kids.

Once the results were received, we immediately informed the employees at the bus garage. Additionally, we have taken immediate steps to protect the safety of our employees. PFOA was detected in the bus garage water sample at 412 ppt.

The water at the bus garage has not been used for drinking or human consumption since 1997. We have always provided potable water at the bus garage due to other factors. We will continue to provide potable water for our employees.
We have submitted the proposed carbon filtration system plans to the Rensselaer County Department of Health and are waiting for their approval.
We are exploring other options for washing our buses. Bus visibility is part of safety, and to protect our employees from the water spray while washing, we are investigating alternate locations for cleaning the bus fleet.
Again, it is important to reiterate that the water supply for our school campus is safe and free of PFOA. We are, in the spirit of full disclosure and transparency, sharing with our school community that the water at the Transportation Department (bus garage) has tested positive. This positive test at the bus garage does not impact our students or our operations at the school in any way and we are taking steps to work through the situation.